2014 MotoGP Worker Information

Indianapolis August 8 - 10, 2014

The greatest motorcycle riders in the world come to Indianapolis for the annual running of the Red Bull Moto GP at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is the cornerstone event of a dream weekend for motorcycle enthusiasts and the United States Auto Club plays a key role in the running of the event. USAC works in concert with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to provide the Race Control staff, Flag Marshals, Start Line Marshals and Scrutineers to ensure the event conforms with the high standards of the international motorcycle governing body.

The expansive staff, managed under USAC's direction, hail from coast to coast and even across the pond.

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Worker Position Descriptions


The Flag Marshal position has you on a corner/station for the three days of the event. You are responsible for displaying the proper flag for any incident on the track, such as a yellow flag for an Incident on the track, a blue flag to indicate to a rider he/she is about to be overtaken, green flag for the first lap of each practice, sighting lap, race warm-up lap and for clear track after any yellow flag area. You also communicate with Race Control to inform them of what is happening on your section of the track, such as if a rider goes down you report the bike number, where the incident occurred (on track/off track) and describe what is happening. The Flag Marshals also display the number board when directed by Race Control.


We are responsible for the starting procedure for the class races over the weekend. FIM uses standing starts for all their classes. The Start Line Marshal display panels indicating the row of the grid to assist riders in locating their grid positions and use flags to inform the Starter of any problems on the Grid. Start Line Marshals are responsible for opening and closing the Pit Lane at Pit Out and warn participants of entering traffic with the pit horn located on the Starter’s stand. In addition, we assist with security and clearing Pit Lane for the pit walks.


Responsibilities include:

It is essential for all Paddock Marshals to familiarize themselves with the layout of Paddock and Track areas as well as public areas of the facility in order to respond as quickly as possible to requests for equipment and assistance. Prompt response by Paddock Marshals is critical in order to keep events on schedule.


Within this specialty are two groups with specific responsibilities – technical inspection, and tyre control.

Flag, Start Line and Paddock Marshal volunteer worker positions are three full day commitments, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Scrutineers are required to work on Thursday also. USAC membership is required for all volunteers and there is a $25.00 membership fee. USAC has a seated dinner on Thursday night for all our volunteers followed by a training session. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we provide breakfast and lunch and liquid refreshments after the last checker if you want to delay leaving the track to let the traffic clear. USAC also gives each worker an embroidered event polo shirt and an event hat.